Graduates need real-world hands-on real industry experience learning to apply their training.  Is there a better way to get this experience than working on a real music release? Enter Developing Artist Productions, the school's own music label.

Robert Dennis Jr.

Robert Dennis Jr., a 1978 RID Grad, is the CEO/President in charge of the business management of the label and its IT, maintaining the web network for the label.

Daniel Dennis
V.P. Production

Daniel Dennis, a 1998 Grad, is Vice President, and in charge of production. Danel has had 26 years of recording & production experience and is RID's head instructor.

Liz Pantelis
V.P Marketing

Liz Pantelis, a 2006 Grad, is Vice President in charge of marketing.  Liz is RID's Music Theory & Music Business instructor and is working on her marketing degree at WSU. Liz made a name for herself in our industry as USA promotion rep for the Capitol Records artist, The Vines.

John "Mitch" Mitchell
V.P. Intern Services

John "Mitch" Mitchell, a 1998 Grad, is Vice President in charge of intern services, coordinating the efforts of the entire staff.  Mitch is a musician, independent engineer and DJ.

Marty Krist
V.P. Class Production

Marty Krist, A 1993 Grad, is Vice President in charge of RID Class Production.  Marty has had 20+ years experience as a musician and independent engineer.  Marty is a recording & production instructor for RID.

Jeremy Lafferty
Recording Artist

Jeremy Lafferty, a 1998 Grad, is one of the recording artists for the label.  Jeremy is an accomplished songwriter and guitarist.

Ralph Dylkowski

Ralph Dylkowski is just finishing his Associate Program at RID, but has distinguished himself as an RID Intern.  He is producing for the DAP label.

Al Carmichael

Al Carmichael penned a #1 country hit, What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am, and was a prominent Nashville songwriter for years.  He helped update Damn, The TV' Gone an will be contributing guitar tracks on Bob Black's release.

Bob Black
Recording Artist

Bob Black has been a frequent artist for RID Class productions and is a well know performer in the Metro Detroit Area. 



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