Our original hit productions were on the Detroit area Country Artist A.C. and The Kentucky Fox Band.  View the history and listen to how the original releases sounded.


In 1990-1991 a series of 4 singles were produced at the RID facilities on the Country artist, AC & The Kentucky Fox Band.  Basic tracks were usually recorded during recording classes and then finished at the RID recording facilities by producer, Bobby Dee who released the tunes to the public.  RID interns often assisted the overdub and mixing sessions.

All four of these releases reached "Top 10" at the Detroit area Country stations and the most successful release, "Damn The TV's Gone," reached the coveted #1 chart position.

Recording Institute of Detroit is proud to announce the reactivation of it's label under the name, Developing Artist Productions.  Tunes are now in production on the Detroit area Country artist, Bob Black.  The first release will be made via web distribution on April 15, 2012.


The first release on the DAP Label will be on artist Bob Black (target: May 10, 2013) of two tunes, "Damn The TV's Gone?" b/w "Willie Was A Rocker."  Bob will begin performing these tunes in club appearances in March, 2013. 

"TV's Gone" was the big hit for AC & The Kentucky Band, reaching #1 in 1990.  The tune was in regular rotation for close to a year and then became a popular "Oldies" cut for Country DJ's.  "Willie Was a Rocker" was the B Side of AC's second hit, "Drifter" and was released in 1991.  "Drifter" went "top 10" on Detroit radio (reached #3) and was in regular rotation for 4 months. "Willie Was a Rocker" is one of two tunes that were recorded by the band and penned by the entire band and it's producer, Bobby Dee. 
13.02.03 - DAP Hires Al Carmichael to arrange & perform on Bob Black's Tunes
Bob Black and the band have been rehearsing the tunes both for recording and live shows.  To assist the band, Al Carmichael has been hired to arrange the guitar tracks which the band will use for performances and be a session musician for the recording.

Al Carmichael is a well know Nashville song writer with one #1 hit to his name and other popular hits. He also is a seasoned performer taking honors from such places as the Detroit Music Awards.  Al Co-Wrote the updates for TV's Gone and is both a student (recording) and seminar instructor (songwriting) for RID.

You can view Al sending his arrangement to the band via video. 
We were happy to get pro armaments for the band, all we are in the business of developing hit releases at DAP

2nd DAP Release Announced
Jeremy Lafftery has been writing and performing music since age 11.  He had a release, Stoned and On My Own, in 1999 with his brother and a close friend as the band Giftvs.  This anti-drug song got considerable air play in mid Michigan.  Jeremy is an accomplished songwriter with well over 1000 titles to his credit.

Jeremey's release is targeted for July 1, 2013 and will include an unreleased Giftvs production of "You're The Bud For Me" and a tune he wrote a few years ago called "Playing With Fire."

RID Intern Assigned As Co-Producer
"You're The Bud For Me" needs another mix. and "Playing With Fire" has been updated and needs to be recut.  Ralph Dylkowski is in his final class for certification in our Associate Recording Engineer/Producer.  For his internship he has been assigned as co-producer for the Jeremy Lafferty Release. 



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